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I am a recovering Personal Trainer and Fitness Facility Owner.

I started the brick and mortar business of Body Integral in January of 2009. But the development of Body Integral has been an ongoing creation. With classes and workshop’s and events, my goal was always to bring my customers and clients, a space and place to look after their physical well-being.

Somewhere along the way, I developed this belief that if you take care of the physical body, the place where you live, then all other of your life areas are posititively affected.

While that is true? It is also true that our physicality is just one piece of us and who we are. It’s time to move away from punishment to practice. No longer do I sweat for the dress, or for the bikini. No thank you! Here I am! Doing things that make me feel good and eating foods that fuel me!

We are not compartmentalized beings. We are holistic. The changes we make in one area of our lives will affect all others. Choices made with regards to our health and wellness will reflect our relationships and vice versa.

This is where my recovery began. For a very long time, I bought into the all or nothing, no pain, no gain mentality. I believed that I was my body. And boy did I push her! Then, life dealt me up some lessons, and I had to learn an entirely different way to be.

this day alli is my gift to you. I needed to learn how to be in this day, every single day. And I want to help you to get there too!

I think it’s important that you understand my WHY. Body Integral is how I can deliver my why to you. Let us help you to see and reach your full potential. The primary intention in life is to FEEL good. That is what I want for each and every one of you.

It’s All About FEELING Good! Find out how you can make that an everyday practice!

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