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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Getting Started (Over) 101

It’s not too often that we are talking about New Years Resolutions somewhere after the end of January. So, let’s have that conversation. Let’s get out that list and let’s talk about how you are feeling about your success. And...
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Left Foot Shake= Awareness

I shake the water off my left foot before getting out of the shower.      Why do I do that? I’ve never noticed it before. I am now completely aware that I turn the water off, run my hands...
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Time to get Unstuck. 2015. It’s here.

Even as you tie your present bows, ice your cookies, do your last-minute shopping and sign your last Christmas card I know what is going through your head. Trust me, I can almost hear it! “2015 is going to be...
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If Change Were Easy

Everyone would be doing it. Let me say that one more time. If change were easy, everyone would be doing it. Change is hard. Change in perception. Change in habit. Change in behaviours. Change in goals. Those old patterns of...
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Gift Wrapped In Single Ply

I am one week post single ply toilet paper and beige meals on a plastic tray. I am one week released from the cell that was the hospital. I am one week post life changing diagnosis. I am one week...
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