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Monthly Archives: July 2015

“Thank You For Calling. How Can I Help You?”

“Thank you for calling. How can I help you?” “Well, my phone [computer, satellite, TV whatever fits here] isn’t working.” ” I am going to have you reset that. I’ll wait while you do so.”   When things aren’t running...
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Bug Bites and Tan Lines- Creating Enduring Summer

As I was scratching my ankle- pesky mosquitoes… I looked down to seen the tan lines on my feet from my flip flops. Making sure it wasn’t dirt first and indeed was the start of a golden hue from the...
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Cravings, Desire and Pleasure

  What do you crave? Are you constantly craving? Speak the first things that come to your mind. I bet that your cravings will probably range anywhere from chocolate to physical touch. A partial definition of the word cravings is:...
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