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My name is Allison McKee and I am owner/operator of Body Integral Fitness, Health and Wellness Center in Claresholm, AB.

I am a Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise instructor and Health and Wellness Life Coach and a Desire Map Facilitator. I am a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter. I have struggled through many situations and events that life has brought me, however, I believe that….

……for me, each and every day is a gift at a whole new start. It’s a clean slate. A fresh page. I want you to feel this way, too. What we learn today, this present day, provides us with the lessons we need to take into tomorrow and beyond. We are going for progress here, people. Not perfection. Events that shape our goals, our desires are the events that encourage us to live our best lives. To bring our best selves to everyday. There are tricks and techniques that can help you to bring that best self to life. For example, I believe that with some practice becoming present and mindful in this day, this moment, you, too, can see that each day has the possibility to bring you a gift for growth, the answer to a burning question, a life changing sign. A feeling of great accomplishment, success and goals achieved!

Emerson said, “Our first wealth is health.”

I believe that when you look after your body; when you lead an active and healthy lifestyle, when you take incredible care of this vehicle that takes you around this world, then you will see all other areas of your life positively affected. Take care of your body and your entire world shifts. This looks different for everyone. Finding out how it looks for you, is fun and exciting. And life changing.

I believe that setting goals in our lives based on how we want to FEEL is the most productive use of our creativity. How do you want to FEEL? Knowing how you want to FEEL is key. We have been taught to stuff our emotions and feelings and disregard their importance.  I work with my clients to discover how they want to FEEL. To figure out their Core Desired Feelings and to use those feelings as a guide in their lives. To set their goals from this space.

Let me work with you to discover your desires and your goals and to support you in reaching your highest potential in all areas of your life.

Feeling good is the primary intention. – Danielle Laporte

Let’s do this!













My name is Ken McKee. I am a Mental Health Clinician and Intake Coordinator with Alberta Health Services in Claresholm, AB. I also hold both Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and I am a Shamanic Practitioner. I am married to Allison and we have three children.

I have been on an athletic journey for the last 6 years and so I am a firm believer in taking care of your physical body. I also believe that the best way to do that is through a holistic approach to our health and well-being.

Healthy practices, paying attention to mind, body and soul, are essential to ones well-being. Finding balance in our busy everyday lives and being able to find joy and excitement along the way is a goal I have for my own life and in the work I do with others to help them to do the same.

Things may come up. I have struggled with some injuries and some health issues that have challenged my belief system. But I have also learned how to use those set backs as lessons and I’m moving through them to live my BEST life!

Being pleased with the direction we are headed and with the confidence we gain along the way brings peace to our soul. It is my belief that I am to help others find this state of peace and confidence as well.

Let me help you to discover your path. Uncover your truth. Help to get you unstuck so that you can live your best life!


Your life isn’t a series of compartments. It may first look like that, but… when you look just a little closer you will see that it is more like an wellness wheel. When you are off in anyone of your life areas, it is more likely than not that it is in some how affecting other areas of your life. It can’t help but… we are a layered people.

Let us help you to build your layers together and mix em up…it will lead to your BEST life EVER!!!

Ken and Allison also work together over at The Pleasured Life- Life and Relationship Coaching. 

“We believe that living The Pleasured Life starts with looking after self and then allowing it to spill over into the other life areas.”

If you want to learn how to live The Pleasured Life, ask us!