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Do unto yourself as you would do to others

You’re fat You’re ugly You’re useless You have no motivation What is wrong with you? Can you imagine looking at your best friend and saying these hateful things? Of course not. Or at least I hope not. But there are...
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5 Reasons To Give Up Your Goals

Say What??? Give up my goals? I’m no quitter! Give up my goals? What does that say about my character? There ARE goals you should abandon. If any of the following spell out characteristics of the goals you have right...
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A New Metric of Success

  Everyone has their own measurement of success- the most brilliant sense of freedom comes from discovering your own. For the last 8 years my successes have been measured in miles, calories burned, heart rate charts, pairs of worn out...
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I`m taking a short break here from the work on the website that has been so freaking exciting and so freaking brain draining at the same time. It’s been hard to work with something and deliver exactly the feeling I...
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