Don't set mediocre goals. If there isn't unbounding joy then this is not the goal for you!

Say What???

Give up my goals? I’m no quitter!

Give up my goals? What does that say about my character?

There ARE goals you should abandon. If any of the following spell out characteristics of the goals you have right now, then feel free to release them!

1. They aren’t your goals. Somewhere along the way, we learn and pick up beliefs about what we should do in our lives that aren’t really ours. Like what we should be when we grow up. Or that we need a house, a car and 2.5 kids. As children, the adults in our lives, while often well intentioned, can’t help but infiltrate our psyche with their own beliefs and that of their elders and we build our belief set on those of the people who affect our world during those formative years. If the goals on your list don’t fire you up, they aren’t yours.

2. You don’t take the time to work on them. When you set a goal that is right for you, there is NOTHING that will stand in the way of the steps you need to take to get you there. NOTHING! You will never find yourself saying that you are too busy or too tired. If the goals on your list don’t fire you up, you won’t take time to work on them.

3. You can’t name exactly what it is that you want. There are many times I have asked people what they want. A second of hesitation tells me that the words to follow that pause are not going to be a genuine goal. When you want what you want, you can articulate it in all kinds of dialogue and prose. Your words will be flowing from your tongue like sugar. If your goals don’t fire you up, you can’t name and claim them.

4. You get tired of working towards them. Mid way through the journey you are done. You are tired of how frigging long this is taking. You are angry at roadblocks that seem to pop up (side note: roadblocks are often the universes way of saying wrong direction) Just like taking or making the time to work on your goals is a sign they are the goals for you. Goals that you want to keep are the ones that could take a lifetime to accomplish but you are so stoked every step of the way that no matter how long it takes, your eyes are on the prize and they are beaming with laser like joy. If the effort outweighs the reward for you, rethink. Your goal is not firing you up

5. You can’t time shift yourself into the achievement. When we set goals that are the without -a -doubt- feel- the- fire goals for us, we can see ourselves there. We know what we are wearing. We can smell the smells, see the sights, feel the feels. If you can’t see yourself achieving your goal, it is definitely not firing you up.

The common factor in all of the above is the deep need for goals that FIRE you up!!! Set goals based on how you want to feel and let those feelings burn inside you so that you have no choice but to accomplish what you set out to…because it FIRES you up!


Take a look at your list of goals. Step away from the goal itself and dive into the feeling you think you will have when you see that goal realized. If it isn’t firing you up…cross it off.

Give it up.

When your goals bring you complete joy….there will be no mediocre in your life!