I barely want to breathe my observation.

I know you’ve seen it. I know you have noticed.

The days seem to be getting shorter. The mornings and evenings cooler. I even saw some changing leaves today!

Back to school supplies have been on store shelves for at least a couple weeks now. It’s coming. You know it. Summer is drawing to an end.

I’ve heard this time that we are drawing into shortly referred to as the “Mom Olympics”

If you have kids heading back to school, you know that it seems exactly the kind of games an Olympian would train for. The stocking and preparation of lunch items, school supplies and new clothing. The collection of permission slips and extracurricular activity registrations. If you can get through this next month without at least one string of four letter words….YOU are a gold medal athlete.

Do you remember the excitement of going back? 

The blank canvas of the year stretching before you?

Goals for academia

Goals for athletics

Goals for friendships (and romance)

Do you remember that excited FEELING????

Whether or not you remember it like it was yesterday, or you have to dust off the cobwebs of your memory bank to feel it, you know what the feeling of setting goals for your life feels like.

It feels frigging amazing!!! 

Don’t let the fact that you are past locker combination memorization and signing your name as the 20th person in your math textbook keep you from taking some time to set some new goals for YOU as your kids head back to school, or this unofficial “new year” called September opens up before you.

Jump on that new year bandwagon and set some goals for yourself. 

*Get to the gym 3x a week

*Read at least one new book a month

*Take a cooking class

Stretching yourself out to feel your limits offers amazing personal growth potential. Keeping things fresh by setting goals based on how you want to feel is liberating.

If you don’t use it you lose it. Avoid personal stagnation and set some goals.

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