It’s Official!!!

I am now a Pleasure Coach.

I am Allison McKee Self-proclaimed Pleasure Coach.

Since returning from my summer experiment of bringing in the pleasure, I have been in pleasure mode. Feeling great. Finding pleasure every single day.

But I was struggling with…something. Like something was just not quite right.

I had this little voice in my head, who has become quite emboldened since I started making living with pleasure my set point, and it kept saying,

“This isn’t it. You need to become clear.”

I couldn’t escape it.

In my morning meditation. On my run. Before I went to bed at night. In the morning when my eyes popped open.

“This isn’t it. You need to become clear.”

One of the things we have made a pleasure practice in our house, is that in the morning, Ken and I share our morning time with coffee and a chat about the day.

“Babe, it just seems like it should be so easy*. But it isn’t. Get clear? I thought I was clear.”

*that is the problem with self-discovery. It doesn’t get easier. And you can’t go back. Only forward.

“What is your message?” he says to me between sips. “What do you want people to know?”

“I want them to know how frigging delicious it is to have pleasure in their lives. Live with pleasure as your set point!”


“That every single area of your life can be pleasurable. That when you create pleasure first, then every thing else follows.”

Pause. ( He does that when he knows I am talking to myself, and he is just the sounding board.)

“That’s it!!! That’s it! I need to be a PLEASURE COACH!!! I AM a PLEASURE COACH!”

“You might want to make sure others are clear about what that is!”


Pleasure, all kinds of pleasure, should be welcome in our lives.

So, it’s decided, my new job description is as follows:

  • to help others to understand that we have it backwards. That waiting to use pleasure as a reward for some achievement is out of line
  • to help others to see that when pleasure is their set point, the view that they take on their lives changes. That all of a sudden, pleasure is there to see in all areas
  • to help others to create their own pleasure practice
  • to help others to fully embrace every day knowing that the primary intention is to feel good
  • to encourage and inspire people to live and do with pleasure all the things in their lives, and that this isn’t a Pollyanna approach, living with the intention of feeling pleasure as a rule, helps to reduce the time you may have to live without it as the rule.

Therefore, if you are missing pleasure in your life. If you aren’t living with pleasure as your set point, then I can help. Join me to start your pleasure practice with my online course 10 Days to Finding Pure Pleasure. It will help you to develop a basic pleasure practice that you can grow as you need for your own individual needs.

Nothing has ever felt this good!!!

Pleasure is where it is at!