I`m taking a short break here from the work on the website that has been so freaking exciting and so freaking brain draining at the same time.

It’s been hard to work with something and deliver exactly the feeling I want for you to experience when coming to this site. And because I am totally technologically illiterate it has also been a giant learning curve. But I fist pump like a mother when it works!

We are so excited to bring to you a different direction for Body Integral.

We want people to feel capable when they come to our site and to our facility.

We want people to leave classes, sessions and workshops feeling empowered.

We want to be able to deliver education and content to help you to live your BEST LIFE EVER!!!

We have a passion for helping you to do that.

Most importantly we want you to let go and JUMP into your own life. We want you to enjoy that free fall feeling jump to where you are supposed to be.

This is what Monica Knight was speaking about, and when she realized I was fully engaged, entranced and mesmerized during her keynote presentation, she came to me after and said,

“You have to jump.”

She used the trapeze poem as her spring board. She delivered like nothing I have ever listened to before. It was one of those A-ha Oprah moments in which I had that complete knowing that it is time to take a chance. Stick my tongue out at fear, move forward. Here I am. I’m letting go and I’m jumping to that next trapeze bar. It is waiting for me and I’m hurling myself through transition right now. ¬†Before I grab that next bar, I am determined to thoroughly enjoy what it feels like to be in transition and not spend all my time thinking about what it feels like to have a death grip on the last bar.

Monica was right. Right here, right now in the freedom of the fall. Before I push that button to share our new site to the world. The site that I am taking on with Ken to deliver all we have learned in the last couple of years to get us to where we are now with respect to our relationship, our family life, our goals, our dreams. The site that we have been creating to deliver a different perspective on healthy and active living. The space we want people to be able to come to learn how to create their very best life! It’s a hefty desire this one. It was a fast swinging bar that I was reaching for. But the one I was holding onto just didn’t feel like it was moving me forward anymore.

Monica was right. When there wasn’t that scared pit in my stomach any longer and only a feeling of excitement only then would I know that it was the right time for this! That it is time for us to let go of the old bar. Hang out in mid jump where the magic is happening and wait for the next bar to swing towards us.

Letting go.

Letting go in order to take what you’ve learned and move through transition to the next phase of your life is exhilirating and terrifying all at once.

Whatever you are ready to jump towards next, spend a little time hanging out in that space between here and there. Revel in that transition space. Hang out where you feel supported by your knowledge and not held back by old patterns. Where you are moving forward to that next step in your life.

If you are having trouble finding that next bar. If you can’t seem to let go of the one you have been swinging from, let us help you. Let us support you in your free fall! Contact us today!