“Thank you for calling. How can I help you?”

“Well, my phone [computer, satellite, TV whatever fits here] isn’t working.”

” I am going to have you reset that. I’ll wait while you do so.”


When things aren’t running or working the way you want them to, it seems the first advice we are given is to try resetting the device. I’m going to wager that this is excellent advice to follow, especially if what is not working for you is your life in general.

So this happened-

Last Tuesday, I was in the gym with a couple of my girlfriends sweating (okay, and swearing) through a circuit I designed for us. On a rest, I checked my phone and noticed the “NO SERVICE” message at the top of the screen. We continued through the next set of the circuit. I went to change up the tunes on the next rest. Still no service. 2 more cycles through the three of us laying on the floor, exhausted, sweaty and happy.

“Do you guys have service on your phone?”

They looked then nodded. “Yup”


I checked the website to see whether or not my bill payment had cleared.

The requested website is unavailable to you.

“Can you get on the website?”


I packed up and got into the car. I had stuff to do. I powered down the phone. Crazy, I know, but I’m mad. It’s a first world problem and inconvenience. I am well aware. But I KNOW you understand the feeling.

I push the start button for the ignition in my vehicle.

Key FOB not detected.

The key is in my hand.

I push the start again. Harder of course this time, because that may help and the engine springs to life.


Subconsciously, I must be catching on to something because I reach down and power up my phone.


My next stop, I shop for my items and head to the cashier. Handing over my debit card to pay for my purchases,

Chip not supported.

THIS is within 20 minutes of the phone incident.

A second attempt proves successful and as I get into my car, I sit for a minute to take it all in.

“It’s obvious. You need a reset.” -the advice I receive from my friend Lisa.

It’s true, I do. I realize that we all need a reset from time to time. When things overload our systems, it is time to take a power down. Turn off and reset.

Where do you need a reset?

Your work?

Your relationships?

Your health, fitness, wellness?

Your thought process?

Your belief system?


When things aren’t working for us, we call for support. We contact the help desk. And like I said, they often counsel us to reset. It’s generally good and successful advice.

If you are feeling like you could use a reset, let’s work together. Let me stand by while you take the necessary steps to reset your world in order to get it running to your liking again.

Working together we can clear out some of the clog that is shutting down or slowing down your systems. Inactivity, unhealthy eating, unhealthy self talk and dirty belief systems are a few of the culprits that creep in and play havoc with living your best life.

Take the time.