I have watched Simon Sinek on Ted Talk about 4 times now. I’ve been watching this video for a business class that I am taking, but I am also very moved by the message itself. His speech is on knowing your why. That the why you are selling something is more important than the thing you are selling itself. It is fascinating to me. Now, the context of the video is in business, but this whole concept can apply anywhere.

Asking yourself why is the first step you should take towards the attainment of any intention or desire.

Why do you want to exercise?

Why do you want to marry her?

Whay do you want to take that class, go on that trip?

Knowing the why is important. It has some kind of cementing of commitment.

I want you to know my why for the creation of Body Integral. Because it is more than just a business to me.

Body Integral was created because I have a strong desire to see people coming into their full potential. I created the physical space of Body Integral for every BODY. I’ve trained, coached and signed up people old and young, fit and unfit, men and women. All with the hope that they would adopt the mantra…

My primary intention is to FEEL good.

Not just to look good, although that is a positive by-product. But to feel good. It has never been only about the esthetics for me, but rather the things that change in people that are strong and healthy in mind and body (because they are tied together) ¬†that the eye can’t see at all.

Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.


And the most under prescribed Rx for the management of many chronic illnesses and diseases. It’s also an amazing social binder. The friendships that have happened as a result of group trainings such as Spartan, or group fitness classes cannot be discounted. Something happens when you sweat together. Something happens when you are challenging limits in a group setting.

The non-physical space or the real why of Body Integral has always been to create a container for people to be able to challenge those preconceived notions and beliefs about what they can’t, or are unable to accomplish and to bust through that self imposed ceiling. Because we are capable of so much more than we think we are.

As we come into 2016, I want people to really rise up and realize the potential that they have either left hidden, or have been scared to challenge. We are scared of challenge lest we fail, but there isn’t the opportunity for growth without risk. In any area of your life.

At Body Integral, we believe that your body is an integral and sacred part of your life. We like to call it your vehicle. Because it is.

We invite you to join us this year. Be ready to crush the ceiling of your perceived potential. Join us for classes, membership, trainings, workshops, events. Make 2016 the year you look back on as not only your turning point, but look back barely recognizing who you were right now today.

It’s time to light it up!!!