” Your BODY is a living, breathing canvas. A testament to how you live your life. Not by how your body looks, but by how your body feels. Show it respect by what you do to it, and with it. Allow this amazing vehicle to experience pure pleasure every single day. make daily pleasure a habit, and your life WILL change.” – Allison McKee

In my #thesummerofpurepleasure experiment, I came to the following conclusions:

It IS possible to live your daily life with pleasure. It IS possible to create a pleasure practice that will ensure that you live every day from that space.

Before my self experiment, I was struggling to find a smile in my day let alone a feeling of bliss and pleasure. Burnt out, grumpy and listless I knew that I needed to make some changes.

I’m going to show you how I did that and how you can too with 10 days to living with #purepleasure. An online course.

For 10 days you will receive a daily email with all of the details of my self experiment and how you too can be living that life you have always wanted. Living from the place of pleasure. This was completely life changing for me and for less than $5/day, you can experience that too.

The course starts October 12. Join us.

You get:

  • daily emails
  • video blogs by me
  • prompts, items for contemplation
  • daily guided meditation (pure pleasure’s best friend)
  • 10 different pleasure practices for you to test drive
  • a supportive community desiring all the same things as you