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It’s not too often that we are talking about New Years Resolutions somewhere after the end of January. So, let’s have that conversation. Let’s get out that list and let’s talk about how you are feeling about your success.

And how many of you feel deflated?

I’ve cheated on my diet

I feel deprived, resentful…(fill it in)

I’ve missed more than half of my workouts

I’ve taken a puff off a cigarette

I’ve missed more than one day of journaling

People…what do all of the above things have in common….you are focusing on what you perceive to be failures. Do any of these things make you FEEL good?

But chances are you started 2015 armed with a list of resolutions and old goal setting strategies to see those goals through.

That’s why I’ve waited until now to write this blog. I think it makes more sense to ride into a year in contemplation and self discovery, slowly deciding what goals will be a good fit. Coming off the Christmas sugar high before diving into any real goals is a really good idea. How easy it is to set goals for healthy living when you feel like shit hung over from the New Year festivities armed with the phrase,

“I’ll never do that again….” and

“This year I’m making changes.”

It’s easy to make those statements, yet hard to follow through.

So introducing Getting Started(OVER) 101

Chances are if you started some kind of fad diet, you’ve either fallen off the wagon or you’ve decided their products really do taste like chalk. You are going to commit to eating real food TODAY. Just for today. Let’s live in the moment. Let’s be in the present. For today, if it didn’t grow in the ground. If it doesn’t have a mother, you will commit to not eating it. Just for today.

You probably printed off a 5 day workout program designed to show your abs in 15 days. We are more than 15 days in. See your abs yet? Today, just for today, again living in the moment. Being in the present. You are going to go for a walk. Just for today. 15 minutes. That’s it. 15 minutes. Just for today.

So it is now into February and somewhere around day 5 you started ‘slacking’. You have probably been doing a fair share of self flogging. The words lazy, incapable, unmotivated are maybe flowing around that beautiful mind of yours. So next step in getting started 101 is to get your butt to a mirror, to gaze into those eyes of yours and to say, out loud to yourself, “I love you” no conditions no strings. Just for today. Just being in the moment. I love you.

Whether you realize it or not, setting goals and seeing them realized has a lot to do with how you feel about them. When you discover what your Core Desired Feelings are, you will begin to create goals with soul. Goals that get you pumped. Goals that are true for you. Because maybe a 5 day workout plan doesn’t make you feel any of the ways you want to feel! But heading out in nature makes you feel expansive and free.

Maybe it’s not that important to you really to journal daily. You spend a lot of time saying you are grateful in your head. Who said you had to write it down?

Maybe eating gluten-free because it’s an easy way to drop 10 lbs doesn’t make you feel abundant. It makes you feel deprived. Who said you had to do that?

” Getting clear on how you want to feel in your life+work is more important than setting goals. It is the most potent form of clarity that you can have, and it’s what leads to true fulfillment.” – Danielle Laporte

We are holistic beings. What that means to me, is that in every area of our lives we find connection and each area is connected to the others. It’s like a web. When there is unrest, discomfort or turmoil in one, it filters down to the other areas. That’s why this method of goal setting, known as the desire map, is such an amazing tool. Finding out how you want to feel in all of your life areas changes your goals.

If you are looking for some help with goal setting from this holistic perspective, I offer Health and Lifestyle Coaching through my business, Body Integral Fitness, Health and Wellness. Head over there and sign up for my newsletter, chock full of tips to live from the realm of feeling.


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