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The Only Resolution Tip You Need

Man…I felt like I needed to get this out so much so that I’m saying screw the dishes and sitting to write. I’m watching my facebook feed and I’m listening to family, friends and clients talking about what they want...
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The Timeless Body Paradox

I’m sure you are enjoying your Facebook feed of your friends showing themselves in photos in which they have felt their most beautiful. I love seeing what people choose and then looking at the joy in their faces in those...
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Now is the time.

I had a very busy weekend. I’m staring at a very messy house right now. I’ll sit down to write after I clean up. I’ll get those projects under way after I throw in a load of laundry. I caught...
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Be Quiet In Order to Hear Yourself

It is said that the average person has 10,000 thoughts per day. And that the majority of those thoughts are on repeat in our heads. What are your thoughts? Are you aware of what you think/say to yourself inside of...
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Avoid Personal Stagnation

I barely want to breathe my observation. I know you’ve seen it. I know you have noticed. The days seem to be getting shorter. The mornings and evenings cooler. I even saw some changing leaves today! Back to school supplies...
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5 Easy Self Care Practices for You to Start NOW!

Self Care. Why? Because it’s important. And because there are days that the only nice thing that happens to you is the one that you do for yourself. You know this to be true. It’s also time to start a...
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