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Be Quiet In Order to Hear Yourself

It is said that the average person has 10,000 thoughts per day. And that the majority of those thoughts are on repeat in our heads. What are your thoughts? Are you aware of what you think/say to yourself inside of...
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It’s Official

It’s Official!!! I am now a Pleasure Coach. I am Allison McKee Self-proclaimed Pleasure Coach. Since returning from my summer experiment of bringing in the pleasure, I have been in pleasure mode. Feeling great. Finding pleasure every single day. But...
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Conclusions On #thesummerofpurepleasure

aaahhhh…. #thesummerofpurepleasure I’ve had to take a moment, or 10, along the way to remind myself that this idea was what I was putting into practice for the summer. That I was almost doing mankind a favor by taking on...
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Bug Bites and Tan Lines- Creating Enduring Summer

As I was scratching my ankle- pesky mosquitoes… I looked down to seen the tan lines on my feet from my flip flops. Making sure it wasn’t dirt first and indeed was the start of a golden hue from the...
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Do unto yourself as you would do to others

You’re fat You’re ugly You’re useless You have no motivation What is wrong with you? Can you imagine looking at your best friend and saying these hateful things? Of course not. Or at least I hope not. But there are...
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