Self Care.

Why? Because it’s important. And because there are days that the only nice thing that happens to you is the one that you do for yourself. You know this to be true.

It’s also time to start a self-kindness revolution. And it’s easy to start.

Let’s start with morning.

If you don’t have a self care morning ritual, I encourage you to adapt some of the following ideas to create one. Taking time, especially in the morning to pay homage to the amazing being you are, sets the tone for your entire day. When you take the time to take care of you first, you will take those caring thoughts and practices out into your world. What you give, you get back. Often tenfold. It’s biblical and metaphysical. So look for the boomerang effect to take place. Look after you so that your bank is full to give to others. You know, the whole put your own mask on first rule.

Commit to trying the following for the next week. Maybe you could take a couple minutes to journal your experiences. I’d love to hear how they are working for you. I want to hear about all of the changes that you feel and see when you take the time to look after you.


5 Easy Self Care Practices

1. Stretch in bed. Big, huge, hands over head stretch. Good morning love for your body. Wake up joints and muscles and nerves. Watch a baby stretch, a cat, a dog. That is the kind of full body wake up call I want you to take.

2. List in your head, or on paper (but we are going for super ease here, so in your head is good) three things you are grateful for. The fact that your eyes opened is a good start.

3. List three things you want to give today. Don’t stress out. It could be a smile, a hello, or holding the door open for someone. The art of humanity is being lost in our world. Giving to others makes you feel amazing. And giving gifts of love and service are a great start.

4. Drink a large glass of lemon water. Hot or cold. I like to drink it cold while my coffee is brewing. This is probably the top self care practice on my list. It hydrates me after the slumber and instantly makes me feel more awake.

5. Fuel your body with real food. My current go to is a Chia Seed Pudding that is so fresh and tasty. Mmmmm! I also give it to myself as a bit of a gift. Seriously. That is the thought process going through my head as I prepare and eat it. This is for you, Allison. Thank you for being you! Cheesy and a great self care practice. You can find the recipe here.

That’s it. That is all. Takes a total of 10 minutes from start to finish. There are plenty of other rituals I engage in that are good for my body, soul and spirit these days. I’m loving yoga on my deck, SuperBrain yoga practice, hiking, running and a bit of outdoor TRX to name a few. I’m loving all of the farm fresh produce that ends up in my area, and heading out to the garden for some needed body and mind therapy. But I encourage you to start somewhere easy to begin your own self care ritual. And to spread the love, share this blog with someone you know needs a little kick in the self care butt!

Happy Day!