aaahhhh…. #thesummerofpurepleasure

I’ve had to take a moment, or 10, along the way to remind myself that this idea was what I was putting into practice for the summer. That I was almost doing mankind a favor by taking on this self identified experiment of sorts. That it was my duty to see how I felt at the end of a summer where everything I did was for the pure pleasure of doing it. And could that even be done? Was it possible?

So often, the pleasurable experiences we seek in our lives are thought to be bad, selfish or risky. Therefore, there comes with the filling your days with the things that bring you pleasure, a certain feeling of guilt.

At first, it really did scare the sh*t out of me. I kept trying to redefine pleasure to myself as I thought it should look to someone working in the heath and fitness industry. After all, that was my set point.

“I should really want to run those trails today.” but I didn’t

“I should really want to drink spring water with lemon.” but I wanted wine

“I should really want to eat a salad.” but I wanted chips

Finally, I decided that it was time that I listened to my body. You’ve heard that from me before. And that I listened to my heart. You’ve heard that as well. There was this persistent message coming at me from somewhere that knew I needed to hear it. It was time to stop ‘shoulding’ on myself and take this experiment to heart.

At the end of June I was really, really done. Done. As in I didn’t want to do another active thing. As in, I wanted to lie in my chair at the lake and eat chips, drink wine, and read kind of done.

Have you ever been done? Really over something?

I feel like I need to apologize somehow for being done. That is how messed up we can be over labels of ourselves and what we feel like we are supposed to be portraying.

I did that. The sitting in the chair at the lake. I got very still. I didn’t move my body a whole lot. I did, however,  move my mind and my heart a great deal.

It felt so amazing!!! I would hold my hands in prayer and breath deep because it honestly felt THAT amazing to be doing things with pleasure and the were pleasurable. I was so grateful that I was allowing myself to do only the things I truly wanted and desired to do. Now, I know you are going to think that there had to be stuff that I did that didn’t bring me pleasure, like laundry and cleaning toilets. Of course, I did that stuff, too. The funny thing was, however, when I allowed myself to embrace #thesummerofpurepleasure for what it was to me at any given moment, then the mundane chores brought me pleasure too.

For a large portion of my time off, I was what could be considered really, really self indulgent in all of the things that we are told are bad for us. It was like an anti-healthy-by-standards-of-the-fitness-industry rebellious streak had taken me over. I was rocking the rebel like no other. I frigging loved it!

My running shoes got dusty and my wine glass was NEVER empty. And my hands were never without a great book. And I wasn’t using the word should. And I was smiling, smiling a lot. And I was napping and sleeping 9 hours and it was no longer self indulgent.

It was complete and total self care. It was euphoric. And it was medicinal and healing.

#thesummerofpurepleasure is winding down. And my pant size has gone up. However, so has my desire to bring you programs and workshops that are going to help you to avoid that really done feeling. Because if we keep going at the breakneck speed we are going at, and we don’t take time for self care, and we self loathe our bodies and what we feel we can/can’t should/shouldn’t or really need to do, then that done feeling WILL be in your future. When we forget that the primary intention is to FEEL good, then we do things that don’t make us FEEL good. And we think things that don’t make us FEEL good, which makes us do things that don’t make us FEEL good!

Cycle, cycle, cycle

Bottom line. I want you to feel good.

I also want you to know that you can have and live the life you want to create. That it is within you to feel so good.

That is what this next year is dedicated to at Body Integral.

Helping you to build the healthy and able body that you want, but more importantly, the BEST life you want to live with that body.

Your experience here in this world is a holistic event. I truly wish for everyday to be a day filled with events that make you FEEL so amazing.

Time to live that BEST life.

Grateful for #thesummerofpurepleasure