I ran the Lethbridge Regional Police Services 3rd Annual Half Marathon on Saturday.

I finished it naked.

Well, not naked naked. But I left a lot of what I had been carrying out on the course.

My #thesummerofpurepleasure has definitely left a bigger impression on me than I thought any little self experiment could do. I’m talking aside from the obvious and including what I wrote about getting to do things that felt really, really good across all physical, emotional and spiritual planes. I think even larger than that, is that my perspective on my life has changed. Not only the fundamentals, but the delivery is different.

By living 2 months with the goal of pure pleasure in mind, I thought it might be pretty hard to come back home and to pick up in my usual day-day. You know, the proverbial grind, so to speak. I firmly believe that feeling good is the primary intention, so every time I thought about jumping back into where I was before, I got that little tightness of chest. When I got home, though, I truly did see how my delivery had changed. I continued to practice many acts of pure pleasure that I had cultivated on my time away. Coming back to the daily grind, really didn’t feel so…grindful.

But I digress

Back to the naked run.

I hadn’t trained for this thing. Remember last week when I told you that my runners got dusty and my wine glass stayed full for almost a full 2 months? Really, my #thesummerofpurepleasure played out like so:

I ran when I wanted to. IF it felt pleasurable. Which meant:

  • not too early in the morning – it is more pleasurable to be rested than sweaty.
  • not if it was too hot or too cold – and there needed to be a slight breeze, not a gusty wind.

All of the above being said, because I can’t yet control the forces of nature, there were a lot of times I didn’t run.

But last weekend I did a solid 10 miler…okay 11 before we called for a ride.

In the old days… as far back as May of this year when I ran the half marathon in Calgary, I would have been besot with anxiety over being so under trained. I would have ducked out or I may have ended up injured thinking about how I could create an injury as an excuse.

Anyway, I know you want to get to the naked finish.

I left all self doubt and self loathing, on the course.

I ran with complete joy. (just like you April)

I ran light.

For the first time in my runners life, I ran for me. From mile one to mile 13.1 I ran just to run. Not for a time, or for a punishment for something I did.

I ran uninhibited.

I ran for pure pleasure.

I finished naked.

At the end, I just had to love myself up for that.

That’s what I see as one of the biggest things holding us back in so many areas of our lives. The issues that keep us from experiencing pure pleasure are those that we create for ourselves. The ones where we become our own worst critic or enemy. The issues that keep us from being comfortable in our own skin. The issues that make it seem so frigging hard to just love ourselves.

And the issues that say that we don’t deserve to live with pure pleasure. Or not now. Maybe later.

Don’t wait for later.

Where in YOUR life are you allowing yourself to be held back from joy and pleasure? Where else in your life do you tie your societal ranked success to your worth as a human being? Why do you think you don’t deserve to feel pure pleasure in your day? It happens all the time. The presentation you gave that wasn’t accepted. The meal you cooked that flopped. The run you trained for hard and bonked. Your successes are not tied to your worth. We regard pleasure as a reward for something we did well, not as the precursor to living well.

Perspective shift right there.

Finding pure pleasure and joy is like finding freedom in nakedness.

Come and run naked with me.

Find yourself some #purepleasure

Join us for our 10 day Finding Pure Pleasure online course. Register here. You, too, could get naked. All facades will come down. You will get to see what you really love and what just doesn’t do it for you. The things that are non negotiable will feel better when you live with pure pleasure in your day.

Be careful and know that you need to want this. It is life changing and you won’t be able to turn back!!! But that is the most amazing part!

Live your BEST life EVER!